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The Datamine product team is pleased to announce the availability of Studio RM 1.4, it is the latest update of the Datamine industry tool for the evaluation of resources and reservations with a proven track record of more than 30 years, which replaces Studio 3.

Our Datamine team has worked on this long-awaited launch for more than 12 months and a total of 4640 hours. Definitely, your efforts have not been missed or have gone unnoticed, as we proudly announce the official release of Studio RM Version 1.4, our most extensive update release so far. With a lot of new features, major improvements and bug fixes, Version 1.4 is a very important update that will allow you to see significant differences in user performance, speed, efficiency and interactivity. We always make sure that we constantly add value to our end users by continuing our innovative approach and constant software development.
Along with the Studio RM-specific enhancements, our developers perform basic Studio updates that result in substantial speed increases, such as a 120x increase in the speed of the soft chain function and an increase of 500x in the projection chain in the wire speed. A higher speed makes for greater efficiency and that is what Datamine intends to deliver constantly to our end users through the constant development of software. See the Studio Core Enhancement Infographics for an overview of what was updated and how much faster you can perform these functions.
New features
– Implicit modeling – Veins modeling command
With this update, new implicit modeling commands are introduced. This command uses a file of input samples to model an implied vein surface by a unique key field value. You have total control over the surface / continuity between samples, the uncertainty of the data and the edge treatment.
– Reconstruction of point clouds
New functionality to support data from points generated by drones, LIDAR, CMS and other automated survey tools, which provides greater flexibility and format compatibility.
– 3D window bottomhole format options
The column format at the bottom of the well has been significantly improved to allow visualization of in situ histograms, line graphs, bitmaps, angle charts, labels and other data formats in the 3D window next to each hole. drilling. There are several options available to control if, how and where this information appears.
And many more…

About Datamine Studio RM Studio RM is the latest update of the Datamine industry tool for the evaluation of resources and reserves with a proven track record of more than 30 years, replacing Studio 3. With its new user interface based on reliable modeling activities and capabilities multiparameter, Studio RM is even more powerful and easier to use than its predecessors to deliver corporate resources and reserve information with the quality, precision and reliability required by geologists, administration and downstream users.

About Datamine Datamine is a leading global provider of software technology and mining services that are required to plan, manage and optimize mining operations. Our solutions cover the entire value chain in exploration geology, geostatistics, resource modeling, mine planning and operations management. We offer high quality implementation, training and consulting consulting services to ensure that our clients take advantage of their technology investment to their full potential.
Product: Datamine Studio RM
Supported architectures: x64
Homepage of the website:

Language: English
System Requirements: personal computer
Supported operating systems: Windows 7 even more
Size: 877.9 mb

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