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Photo Mechanic is a fast media browser that helps you view, organize, manage and export digital photos.

Photo Mechanic is the fastest and most useful photo browser available

Accelerate your workflow with a tool that has a logical operation, an intuitive use and as fast as possible.

Speed ​​up and accelerate your copy process with the multiple options of Photo Mechanic to manage your images.

Ingest is the process of copying files from a memory card to your hard drive. Photo Mechanic overcomes this step by automating other tasks at the same time, making your life much easier.

Start editing immediately
Do not wait around See the thumbnails of your images as they are copied from your memory card. Discard, grade and label them as you go. The photo mechanic is fast!

Search for files faster
Go from image to image quickly. Find your guardians faster. Bring only the files you want to keep in your post-processing workflow.

Copy files from several memory cards simultaneously
Rename files and folders dynamically, add IPTC credit and keyword information, and make a duplicate backup folder, all in one step!

Live Ingest
If you are shooting tied, bring pictures with all the features of Ingest on the fly.

Edit your photos in Photo Mechanic in an instant!
See all your images, identify your guardians, mark your alternatives, add crucial metadata and never slow down. Photo Mechanic helps you do it fast!

Editing your photos can be a lot of work. Photo Mechanic makes the process of selecting, organizing and adding metadata to your images much easier. These are some of the key features that help you do things more quickly and accurately.

Contact sheet
The Contact Sheet is the heart of your workflow. See the thumbnails of your images, edit them and organize them quickly and efficiently. The photo mechanic puts you in control.

Move and rename files efficiently
Add capture time to file names. Create folders with date on the fly. Copy files to multiple destinations at once. Photo Mechanic's file management tools are incredibly powerful.

See full size photos
Zoom in up to 800% to check critical sharpness. Quickly switch between the JPEG preview or the Raw file.

Automatically add EXIF ​​camera data to your images, such as focal length, serial number or ISO to metadata fields such as titles or keywords.

Sometimes you need more than one keyword to describe (and find) an image. Photo Mechanic helps you add keywords in many ways. Structured keyword lists allow you to add related keywords quickly.

Code replacements
Save time by writing long and complex text with Code Replacements. A few keystrokes can add complete sentences to your subtitles.

GPS coordinates
Geographically tag your photos by easily applying the GPS tracking logs saved to your photos with Photo Mechanic.

Batch editing
Work faster when you copy, delete, tag, watermark, change the name, resize and add IPTC metadata to many photos at once.

Adjust dates and capture times
Take pictures of several cameras and synchronize them with the correct date and time. This is great for wedding photographers with second shooters.

Choose the best of the group
View and compare images side by side, horizontally or vertically. Find the differences between images that are too subtle to see them one at a time, or simply choose between the two best options.

To export
Easily export photos your way with Photo Mechanic.
When you have finished processing your images, you want to share them with customers, fans and the world. See all the ways Photo Mechanic can accelerate that for you.

Get your photos where they need to be, fast. Create web galleries, print contact sheets, send photos to your customers by email. Upload your images directly to popular online services without having to save multiple copies.

Create galleries
Show your images by creating web galleries. Choose from a wide variety of dynamic and prefabricated gallery templates to make your images stand out!

Send files fast
Photo Mechanic works with your default email application to send files as attachments. Perfect to get images to customers quickly.

Archive your images by burning them to CD or DVD directly from Photo Mechanic without having to go to the Finder or Explorer.

Upload to the Web
Use Photo Mechanic to upload directly to sites such as PhotoShelter, DF Studio, Amazon S3, ExposureManager, Flickr, Gallery 2, PhotoDeck and SmugMug. Add watermarks and copyright information without saving separate images.


System Requirements:

– Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.


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