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Able2Extract is the only PDF converter on the market that effectively increases the productivity of your PDF in Windows. Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, AutoCAD and CSV. Get a perfect PDF creation with advanced security options and quickly modify text and PDF pages. Fill, edit and create refillable PDF forms directly in Able2Extract or insert compilation numbers in extensive PDF documents. All tasks are performed in an intuitive and elegant user interface that simplifies the entire process. Accelerate work with scanned documents using our modern OCR engine.

It covers all aspects of your work in PDF on your desktop:

• Convert PDF files to all major formats, including Excel, Word, CAD, PowerPoint.
• Extract scanned PDF content to editable documents using OCR.
• Edit PDF content, manipulate pages and forms in real time.
• Convert hundreds of files at once with batch conversion and custom templates.
• Bulletproof your PDF files with advanced PDF encryption and file permissions.
• Add signatures to your PDFs and validate the PDF signatures you receive.

Able2Extract Professional 14 is an advanced PDF solution that gives you the most conversion and content control options on your PDF documents. Here is more about what you can do:

PDF conversion
Able2Extract has always been known for its conversion to PDF. Our PDF conversion algorithm can convert the most complex PDF content to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, HTML, CSV and more. Able2Extract is the only PDF converter that allows you to selectively convert only the content you need. Convert data from non-PDF to Excel to analyze it or obtain data extractions from precise tables with the custom feature from PDF to Excel. Whether you need a formatted spreadsheet or an editable Word document, you will obtain the necessary precision in the conversion results to obtain a better vision and planning of the business.

Conversion of scanned image PDF
Convert both the native PDF and the scan to editable formats with the OCR technology of Able2Extract Professional. Take PDF files created from scanned paper documents and convert them to editable file formats. The accurate data capture technology of Able2Extract Professional allows you to incorporate printed information into the workflow of your document. The OCR engine will correct any microscopic errors in the text and leave you with a refined digital version that can be used for business intelligence analysis.

PDF edition
With the powerful functions of PDF manipulation, Able2Extract facilitates the modification of PDF documents. Whether you have commercial statements or extensive financial reports, you can adapt your existing content by dividing or merging PDF documents. Legal professionals can even insert point numbers into PDF files during the discovery process. Advanced editing features allow text editing in PDF on the page so you can customize your text by font, color and size. Professionals can also take advantage of PDF page editing functions for general changes in PDF pages.

Creation of PDF
Able2Extract is more than a simple PDF converter. It gives you the ability to create PDF documents from any application. Complete with security features, document encryption and PDF file customizations, our solution is perfect for users looking for powerful and flexible PDF creation options. Our technology generates quality PDF documents that you can trust.

Fill in the PDF forms
Interact with refillable PDF forms and complete PDF forms directly on your computer. Simply click on the PDF form fields to begin entering information in the text fields. Select several items in the list boxes and indicate the preferences with check boxes and radio buttons. The complete PDF form can be completed directly in Able2Extract. You can save forms that have been partially completed or send your data securely to the server.

Create and edit PDF forms
Modify and create refillable forms that can be used by anyone. The Able2Extract PDF Editor provides you with tools to add form fields to customize and create your own refillable PDF forms in a user-friendly interface. Add form fields to select items, such as list boxes and combo boxes, or insert radio buttons and check boxes to specify options. You can even customize the font color of the form text for brand purposes. Gather the data you need to make better business decisions.



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