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Organic samples Organic voices Vol. 1 Solo opera KONTAKT | 2.6 Gb

After years of sampling, programming and custom library design, we decided to use our knowledge to achieve some inspiring tools that could be used by anyone.

. Our goal is to capture a set of real performances that should not be modified by a lot of effects or intensive programming. Once we record each of the notes (and, unlike many others, we do not skip the middle steps!), We like to keep things to a minimum.
* Extensive sampling of true legato, without half synthetic steps for improved realism.
* 3 microphone positions (Close, Mains Stereo, Surround).
* Premixed opera solo soprano patches for an instant full sound out of the box.
* Ready to use the convolution effect for a great cinematic sound – (no reverb adjustments are needed!).
* Speed-by-speed function and custom legato patch for better control.
* Engraved in a medium-sized room, ideal for some natural reflections but still intimate sound performance.
* Real expressive legato for the whole soprano record ("Oh", A2-G # 4).
* Same sample of repetition of notes, slow and fast attacks for the sustained ones.
* Up to A # 4 through the range extension functionality.
* 2x RRs through neighboring areas.
* Exclusive patch "Tension builds" to make chords from which all the notes end up going to the same note.
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