windows – All print jobs restarting in the middle of printing

I have a strange issue that has been plaguing us for years now. Here are the details:

  • Local network, all servers and printers are on the same domain.
  • We have multiple print servers, which are Windows 10 pro installs
  • We have up to 10 printers going at once, including Ricoh 8220’s and HP 9050’s
  • Job is rendered by 3rd party software on one of the print servers
  • Job begins spooling, printing begins
  • We’ll have multiple printers running at once, jobs appear to be spooling without issue or slowdown
  • Suddenly ALL of the jobs just stop and restart completely.
  • Print event logs are turned on, but they show absolutely NOTHING. No errors, no restarting.
  • The logs for our 3rd party software do not show any issues while creating the print job. If there is a hiccup, the logs show that it’s been chugging along without any delay or interruption.

We recently moved our servers to a local data center about 10 minutes away and the problem has gotten worse. We think it has something to do with the connection dropping, which causes the print server to restart the job because it has no idea where it was at.

At this point we don’t even know how to troubleshoot this thing. Is there a way to increase the timeout for the connection between the print servers and the printers? Would I need to set up Wireshark and see the chatter between the two?