Windows 10: The SQL SERVER service (MSSQLSERVER) does not start after CU14 for SQL Server 2016 SP1

I recently installed the CU14 for SQL Server 2016 SP1 from the following URL:

However, the update was installed with some errors, due to which it was observed that the MSSQLSERVER service could not be started. As a result, I decided to uninstall the update from the Control Panel. The update could be uninstalled successfully and the MSSQLSERVER service started working as before. To achieve the security of my action, I considered reinstalling the update, but I obtained the same results: inability to start the SQL Serer service (MSSQLSERVER). This time, the update could not be uninstalled completely, even in several attempts, and my SQL Server service is still dysfunctional. A compressed file of the records of all the actions can be accessed here:

Please help me to make my SQL Server service operational as soon as possible.

Thank you.