Windows 10: I get the error: "Restart and select the appropriate boot device"

After getting a new and bigger SSD, I wanted to install Windows 10 on it. For some reason, the BIOS did not include my USB bootable device in the Windows 10 installation. So I connected it through SATA instead, and now it would allow me to install Windows 10. The problem is that every time I unplug the disk hard where the installation of Windows 10 is located, the error appears: "Restart and select the appropriate boot device" during startup. When I connect the HDD, it seems to start from the installation HDD and allows me to choose to open in Windows 10 (on the SSD). Then I can use Windows 10 normally.

Another info:

When the installation hard drive is disconnected and entered into the BIOS, the SSD is the only thing that appears on the boot devices. If I choose the SSD manually from BIOS, the same error message appears.

At first, under the installation of Windows 10, I can not install on the SSD because it is a GPT partition. I used Diskpart and then I installed Windows 10.

I tried to configure the SSD as "active" with Diskpart.