windows 10 – How to create a duplicate of a folder such that they update together?

Why there is an issue?:
I have a habit of organising my folder/files in the file explorer of Windows 10. I don’t have the best-organised structure, and thus there is a need that if I update (by adding a file in it) a folder My Pics at some path say DownloadsMy Pics and the copy of the same folder which is at DocumentsMy Pics should also get updated real-time.
What is the issue?:
Is there some way to link two/multiple folders in file explorer so that they are a real-time copy of each other all the time?
If not. Then are there some alternative software/tweaks that will help me in this issue?
PS: This is my first question on superuser so I might not have framed my question properly but feel free to ask me if my problem is not apparent.