Windows 10: how to connect a remote desktop using OpenVPN outside the home network

I wanted to make an anecdote about why I'm doing what I'm doing, but I'll cut the crap out and just describe my problem and what I've already tried:

I'm trying to remotely connect to my desktop (hereafter referred to as & # 39; host & # 39;) from my laptop (from now on called & # 39; remote & # 39;). I have been able to do it successfully from my home network, with the two devices side by side, or on different floors of the house. I wanted to be able to do it from an external network.

I looked at some articles, including the following:

OpenVPN to access remote desktop

However, each of these cases never gives me real information. instructions on how to establish this connection. They just say: "Get a VPN and you can do it."

I use OpenVPN, with certificates purchased from IPVanish, as my VPN of choice. I downloaded and logged in to the same certificate (the same location), using the same credentials, both on the host and on the remote control, and when I try to connect, it works fine … except when it is on different networks. So, using a VPN has not changed anything exactly.

This article suggests "Install the OpenVPN server" on the remote control and the host, but when I search for "OpenVPN Server", all I get is the official OpenVPN site that tries to sell me a server for an IT network. I do not need an IT network, I would like to be able to connect one or two computers to one or two other Computers, just my personal devices.

I really prefer not to pay a monthly fee for something that It seems incredible simple

So, what am I missing? I know what port forwarding is, but it seems dangerous: anyone with that IP address can connect to my computer and log in. Nor do I want to deal regularly with unnecessary external software such as TeamViewer every time I want to connect, although I would be willing to use external software to prepare That connection for the first time.

So, how do I connect to a remote desktop, using a VPN, from an external network?