windows 10 – Headphone microphone turns off on loud noises in the headset

I have a HyperX Cloud Resolver Headset, and I have noticed a very annoying behavior that I am trying to get rid off, but I can’t pin down the cause. Whenever I’m playing and talking over skype at the same time (for games without built-in voice communication) my microphone becomes muted whenever loud noises plays in MY headset. I have tested this thoroughly, and the noise level on my contacts does not seem to matter, but whenever a lot of noise comes through my own headset, the microphone cuts out and the other people on the call can no longer head me. The moment the sounds stop, everyone can hear me again. I suspect it might be some noise-cancelling gimmick, or maybe the computer (running Windows 10) assumes that its a speaker/mic-stand setup, and helpfully mutes the mic when too much sound comes out of the “speakers”. But I have no idea how to diagnose or fix the problem. Has anyone has similar experiences, or even better, know what’s going on?