windows 10 – Blue Screen of Death after BIOS Update (Solved)

This is not anything I need help with, as I have solved the issue, but I have a general question that I would love some insight on. I am going to be upgrading my CPU to a Ryzen 5600X, and needed a BIOS update as such.
After the update I immediately went into the BIOS and began making all my changes, enabling DOCP, etc. That I do to increase performance. This apparently was a terrible idea, as I could not boot. Constant BSOD, usually after 1-3 seconds of loading system files. The errors that were reported were mostly Kernel and Driver issues. After it failed to boot 6 times or so, I attempted tried to do a system restore point. The PC crashed during this as well, the same Driver “SQL” error. I do not know exactly what was failing, but I know it was core system files.
After this I decided maybe I needed to boot once with default BIOS settings, then make the changes afterwards. I boot to BIOS, cleared the CMOS via the UEFI, and boot into Windows on the first try. Being a person of moderate Tech Literacy, I probably should have done the CMOS clear first, but I thought I would at least try the restore point. Just a waste of time.
I shut down the PC, and restart into the BIOS. Make my changes that I mentioned before, and boot successfully into Windows on the first try. No issue.
So first, If you are having BSOD issues after a BIOS update, your first step should be to clear CMOS. Second, does anyone know any more about why this may be happening? I would love some insight into this issue, why booting into a modified BIOS immediately out of the gate was a bad idea. Does Windows Kernel just need to boot once to get used to the new BIOS? Some other issue?