Will making changes to the design of my blog hurt your ranking?

There are several things that affect the ranking of the page. These are the following:

Load speed of the page: Directly affected by the weight (or large) of the assets of your site (images, website design, other assets)
-Rebound rates: Quality of publication (if you added value or aroused the interest of your target audience), written content format (more headings, broken paragraphs, intermediate images, etc.), and the ease of use of the user interface of the site and the experience User's general affect Your page rank.

Therefore, we can say that the design of your new website may have a better or worse user experience or slower loading speeds. When more people skip your site and search for the next result in the online search engine, you will have higher rebound rates.

To ensure that the design of your new blog does not affect the ranking of your page, be careful not to:

Add heavy assets: Images, videos and some web resources may load slowly than most.
Create a confusing design: Nobody likes to explore a poorly designed website. They have limited time and attention to do so.
Get your things hosted near your target country: If you plan to change servers, CDNs may be useful, but a faster upload speed will always be useful.

I hope I helped you shed some light on things!