wifi tethering – Stream music to Wi-Fi speakers

I am new to the forum and to Android as I am migrating from iOS. I am trying to find an alternative to Apples’ Airplay to wireless speakers in multiroom.

I do not have an internet connection at home and I am connecting the speakers via hotspot (the main hone – Samsung) and controlling them via an old phone with the dedicated app (AudioPro). With an Airplay as the main phone, I could use Airplay to stream directly to the speakers – or group – in the hotspotted network. I believe the speakers supports also DLNA.

I am wondering if there is a way to achieve communication between the main phone (provider of the hot spot) and the linked Wi-Fi speakers. I would like to stream apps eg Mixlcoud, Soundcloud, etc directly to the speakers.

If possible I am not looking for:

  • Bluetooth solution: beside that to me Wi-Fi connections work better in AudioPro, but I do not want to have to reconnect the phone to a different device every time I change room or speaker system;
  • Options having their own player: e.g. BubbleUPnP can stream local files to the speakers but to my knowledge it only features few online music streaming services: I guess my request is similar to this one: Stream any audio to DLNA/UPNP speakers
  • Options requiring rooting: e.g. AirMusic seems to offer the function on rooted devices and I am not comfortable with the idea. Is rooting the only option to achieve such communication?

Spotify is able to see and stream to the speakers fro the main phone.

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.