wifi – How to make a router change the WPA password automatically every day?

And welcome.
I own a coffee, and I have a small problem that I need to reset the Wi-Fi password manually every day due to customers, I searched for it and found some interesting details "for me".

The first thing I found that I need write a script using pyI now own a coffee DO NOT a programmer, I do not understand the machine language as you do

And then I found a situation similar to mine in the stack overflow, and he was fighting for the same thing, but he got to the point that he needs to schedule a bash script or something like that.

Anyway, I also learned that I need to do four functions:

  • get access to the router
  • generate a random password
  • apply it to settings
  • After setting it up successfully, send it to an email address

So the end result, I need help and Idk how to write a script, any ideas?


Is it possible to change the wifi password with a script?

theses are all I have thanks, and I hope to get an answer very soon: ((

edit: I discovered that to facilitate the writing of an automation task, I guess