wifi – aircrack-ng / airodump-ng – some problems with interactive display

I am successfully using airodump-ng with this command line:

# airodump-ng wlan1mon --manufacturer

There are a few issues with this output that I hope are addressable with the correct switches or usage …

  1. How may I limit the interactive output to the top 10, or top 20 strongest APs and/or clients ? There are a LOT of access points around me and it’s just unusable to monitor all of them …

  2. I am using the –manufacturer command line switch, but that only displays the manufacturer for the access points. The second grouping on the screen – the clients – do not get a manufacturer tag. I would think the clients are at least as important as the APs so it really should show –manufacturer for both groups …

  3. Immediately upon running airodump-ng, I hit the ‘i’ key to show inverse … because UNassociated clients always seem to have higher signal strength and I can never see any of the associated clients. Is there any way to specify ‘i’ on the command line so I don’t have to interactively specify it ?

  4. See #3, above – is it expected that associated clients generally use less power than UNassociated clients ? In my output I always see UNassociated clients at the top of the signal strength ranking and all of the clients associated to an AP are down at the bottom (which is why I press ‘i’ in the first place …)

  5. Is there any way to display which AP a client is associated with ? The output does show the BSSID of the AP the client is associated with, but that’s unusable in interactive mode – can we somehow show the ESSID for the clients so I don’t have to transpose that in my head while the output is flying by ?

Thank you.