wi fi – CaptivePortalLogin crashes every time I try to join a network

Every time I try to join an unencrypted wifi network that is protected by a web login (for example, in a hotel), a pop-up message appears that says "Android System: log in to a Wi-Fi network", I click on this message, and the result is:

CaptivePortalLogin has stopped
Open the application again

I've also tried using Firefox or Chrome to find the portal by accessing a random HTTP page or the exact URL my laptop is going to log in to. Firefox returns "Server not found"; Chrome says "You're offline", DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET. My phone is set to not use mobile networks for data.

Is there a way to solve this or is there a solution?

System information:

  • Android 8.1.0 (security patch level 1 June 2018)
  • Nokia 6.1, model TA-1050
  • Kernel 4.4.78-perf + (1/6/2018)

EDIT: I have tried some applications as an alternative solution, such as Wifi Web Auth in case the problem is CaptivePortalLogin. This application produces an error with "web page unavailable", ERR_INTERNET_DISCONECTED, which seems like a strange complaint for an application designed to establish a connection. Wifi quick login also fails.