wi fi – Automatically change the wifi and bluetooth MAC address

Changing / forging Bluetooth and WiFi WiFi addresses are a concern for those who value their privacy, especially to prevent their location from being tracked. The Mac address of your WiFi router is a donation of your location and, since most applications request "full access to the network", they can be used to track your physical location.

Changing this is a good idea if you want to avoid that. Unfortunately, this requires root (AFAIK). If your device is rooted and has installed xposed-framework, the modules Xposed Xprivacy Lua for Android 6.0 and higher (not Oreo) or Xprivacy for previous versions (both from the same developer) are highly recommended. There are also other Xposed modules that claim to do this.

With the exception of a small minority, the majority do not care about IMO.