Why is Google My Business info not being displayed in SERPs?

We opened a new business 2 weeks ago in mid-June 2020. We set up a Google My Business account for it. Their first verification postcard never arrived, but a second try succeeded. We got the postcard and verified with them approximately one week ago.

We populated the My Business account with a lot of information, including all of the important fields.

Our Google My Business information is still not displaying on SERPs. Can anyone guess why not please?

When I log into Goggle My Business it says: “Your business is live on Google.” When I click the link “View on Search” I get an SERP page with the My Business information displayed nicely. However, when I simply open a Google search page and type the same search term (the name of our business), no “My Business” info appears on the SERP!

A list of other “Places” showing competitors appears at the top, but we are not among the listings.

When I click the link that says “View on Maps” I get a maps page showing the business. But when I just open a new Google Maps page and search for our business, we are not there.

(Our business name is: New Paltz Equipment Rental. Our website is npequipmentrental.com)

Other notes: we have a web address, but our website is only one page so far, showing our name, logo, and a little about what we do, with our phone number, hours and an embedded Google map. The embedded Google map shows our address but does not show our business at the address.

What’s wrong?