Why is BASIC a popular programming language for Android?

First of all, I apologize if this is not the correct stack for this question. And if it is not, I hope that someone can migrate it to the right place.

I was looking in Google to solve some problems I encountered while working in NDK ("C ++ code speed comparison between PC and Android ndk" this specific string if relevant, using Chrome but I did not log in) and got the following recommendation to the end of the first search page

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Show BASIC as one of the popular programming languages ​​for Android. By clicking on the link, you get the search results of the word "basic" in English and some links to the BASIC programming language, but nothing about android. I have tried other variations of strings that contain "basic", "programming language" and "android", but I can not find anything related to programming android in BASIC. Of course, the Google suggestion also shows Objective-C as a language for Android, but unlike BASIC, the search for C-target and Android at least generates discussions about how to write Android applications in object-C.

So, my question is, why does Google suggest BASIC as a popular language for Android programming? Is this a random suggestion, or is there really a BASIC variant for Android? If so, what do I need to search google for more information?