Why does Trump hire illegal immigrants?

To update:
You can keep moving it and I will keep moving it backwards.

Update 2:
He stopped being such a coward, and bin called.

Update 3:
It must be quite condemnatory, since the Trump sheep keep moving the question.

Update 4:
Trump is a hypocrite, like most Republicans.

Update 5:
You called me bin, you're a coward.

Update 6:
Yes, coward.

Update 7:
I will keep moving it backwards.

Update 8:
And again.

Update 9:
And again

Update 10:
And again.

Update 11:
And again.

Update 12:
I will continue to move it backwards.

Update 13:
Updating it keeps the current question, right? Thanks for letting me update the question.

Update 14:
And again

Update 15:
And again

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