Why do racist organizations like the KKK and the Nazi movement vote Republican?

In the 1990s there was a religious movement born again that was founded by a group of capitalists who were looking for money and discovered that there was an untapped gold mine in televangelism. They made millions of tax-free profits. They trained some charismatic people with good hair and perfect teeth. The capitalists found a way to launder their money and everything was tax free.

They targeted populations of people living in rural areas because they were easier to influence as white nationalists who already disdained the United States, distrusted the government and resisted change. Church leaders tell them how to vote.

They made so much money that they built mega churches and promoted homeschooling that isolated children so they wouldn't be influenced. Some are very radicalized becoming a cult. Every aspect of their lives is controlled by church leaders. They are required to purchase all of their church products or church representatives, such as the Amway and Hobby lobby, regardless of cost. They are also expected to be breeders of Jesus, to keep those church benches full. The far-right politicians encourage them to press for laws that protect their Christian, anti-gay symbols, strange home education practices and "traditional values." I was struck as a child psychologist, when there was an increase in sexual and physical abuse, almost always home-schooled children. They were taught to cook, clean, sew and were built in nannies while both parents worked to support the church. Most true believers are good people, but there are bad people who take advantage of the protections enjoyed by the most radicalized religions.