Why do people ship from AliExpress when you can send shipments from Amazon, Walmart, Etsy or eBay?

Have you ever considered shipping from places other than AliExpress?

Unlike the platforms that only allow you to send from AliExpress, your orders can reach your customers in just 1 day.

Average time for order delivery from Amazon 2 days
Average order delivery time from Walmart 2 days
Average time for order delivery from eBay 4 days
Average time for order delivery from Etsy 7 days
Average delivery time of AliExpress orders 25 days

Dropshipping directly from repairable locations like Amazon and Walmart also means that you can be assured of product quality and customer service. You can also use your "gift receipt" option to hide the price of the products.

Thanks to the independent sellers of the Etsy market, you can sell unique or even personalized items made by craftsmen who love your brand.

So, why do people use AliExpress?