Why are non-virgin women wearing white dress for their wedding?

Like any color, its meaning changes over time. The white symbolized WEALTH (it meant you could afford to keep an impeccable dress), blue was the color of purity and virginity (like the Virgin Mary). In the same way, pink used to be for children (it was like blood, a manly color) and blue for girls (Mary again). Until the 19th century many Scandinavian women married in black. Until relatively recently, women simply wore a nice dress for their wedding: throwing money into a dress to wear once was simply too extravagant for many to afford.

Events such as birth, weddings and death are now quite uprooted: people do not understand why things are done as they are and simply choose something & # 39; because that's the way it is. & # 39; Because of that, an INCREDIBLY INDEPENDENT music will be chosen, people who hold funerals in the church even though none of the people present will attend (and, therefore, do not know how an ecclesial service works, how to respond to certain parts ). People simply choose white because it's the color of a wedding dress, it's as superficial as that.