WHMCS – Update contact information for a UK domain with Enom

Hey everyone,

This is my first post here and I wanted to try and contribute something useful.

Recently, I noticed that I could not update the contact information for UK domains ordered to Enom in the administration and client area of ​​WHMCS.

The error returned was: error: registered_for: Not specified: Required value not specified

After enabling the debug logs, I found that WHMCS was not sending the WHMCS field "Registrant Name" to Enom even though it was completed.

I spent considerable time collecting information for WHMCS support and, finally, they confirmed the problem and presented the case # MODULE-6914 with its developers to solve it.

To replicate the problem, try updating a UK domain, then nagive the records (/whmcs/admin/systemmodulelog.php) and Ctrl + F to find registered_for and then look in the request column that you will see:

registered_for = &

While it should happen:

registered_for = MyName &

As someone who enjoys the development of PHP, I would have resorted to fixing it myself; however, all source code is encrypted using IonCube, so it was not an option.

Initially I was searching Google for this problem and I found some old posts with the same error, but nothing recent appeared, so I hope this thread helps others to use V7.6.1 to realize the same problem.

The solution was to update the details in the Enom control panel until WHMCS sends the required fields to Enom using the API.

Another interesting observation is that WHMCS allows you to change the "Registrant Name" field (registered_for parameter in API), while Enom does not allow this to be modified for United Kingdom domains. to match the user interface in the Enom Control Panel according to Nominet restrictions.

Thank you for reading.


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