Which visa will be better United Kingdom or EU?

I am married to a British citizen in the United Kingdom
But now I am in Pakistan since the last 5 years, we are separated, but we are still husband, wife. I was issued a 2 year visa in the UK, but I left the UK before it expired. Now my wife wants me to sit down and discuss this matter if we stay or divorce. She does not want to come to Pakistan.
What should I do if I must apply for a visa to visit the United Kingdom or a visa to visit Switzerland to get to know us? I'm just worried that I do not want to be denied my passport
Travel history
Visiting Visa 3 Dubai
1 dubai work permit
1 visit to Thailand
1 visit to malaysia
1 visa viag belgium (no traveld)
Visa UK from 2006 to 2013
Can someone please guide me?