which is something that pres. Trump is good at? What stands out in?


Donald Trump is undoubtedly the most underestimated man in history. People routinely doubt their intelligence. Politically, he is right 95% of the time. He often wins against lifelong politicians and often wins against other world leaders; When experts swear that the probability is zero.

People do not understand Trump, but it's easy to explain.

Donald Trump does not think, act, talk or negotiate like a politician. He will never do it.
Donald Trump thinks, acts, speaks and negotiates like a businessman.

If you expect Donald Trump to be a politician, he will leave you in the dust. Because Trump is out of the political box; Win against the political lemmings of both parties.

In his speeches, and in political demonstrations, he plays the nasal bleeding seats. The people love him. The elite simply does not have the tools to understand it.