Where to find editors

Hi all,
Actually, I work on websites, but I'm planning to start an independent company independent of my main job. I was wondering where I could find young independent editors who want to get some projects and gain experience, with whom I could build an association. As a designer, I deeply hate websites like Fiverr or Spec, like 99Designs, and I'm looking for places that are not, but finding them is hard to find. I prefer a place to have a quick chat, but if you are not online you will have to do it.

Why am I doing this? Because if you work in Graphic Design, Website Design and Development, there are usually clients who, from time to time, have absolutely no text to show the website they want, and instead of rejecting them, I prefer to have an independent editor to whom I have a relationship with, and I would like to commission them and then add their delivery commission to the final product. This editor would not be an employee by himself, but a professional partner who, as a client, returns to the work commission whenever there is something that needs a good text. It would be excellent for the students or as initial projects for people looking to gather some basic experience, or perhaps a massive job & # 39 ;.

Any suggestions?

I would also like to know when the work on the website is requested, what kind of information would need to start, and about how many hours would be expected, for example, a 5-page website. I realize that this is different from one individual to another, but I am looking for a ball game field.

(PS: if this is the wrong forum, let me know, I'm new)