Where does most of your work come from today?

I am genuinely curious. Since I completely eliminated PayPal from my life after they let two people get away with $ 1,200 scams, most websites and customers want to pay through PayPal. I will never use them again and their customer service is literally the worst service I have found.

Marketing forums like this and others are full of people who want "quality" content for very cheap. Most of the people I used to see posting in the Content section have left and have not returned.

Content Mills is a plague for writers with ridiculously low offers and incredibly strict demands. This paired with the fact that places like TextBroker have incredibly sharp editors who want perfection for the $ 1.50 they pay for every 100 words.

Freelance sites like Upwork are plagued by people who write broken incoherent English and offer their article "I can write you you" for $ 2 per hour. Of the more than 100 proposals, the only email I received from Upwork was to let me know that one person selected another person.

Cold offer proposals emails are usually sent to junk mail or owners respond with some vague response about how buying new content for their site is not worth the investment.

At this moment, it seems to me that I do not know how to progress without moving to a new field altogether. I will never use PayPal again or pay the $ 1,500 that I have in my account due to its own negligence and refusal to investigate complaints and most sites seem to be designed for people who are willing to write quick articles for a ramens package. Never in my life had I seen writing so little valued in the more than 10 years that I have been writing.