What’s the easiest way to automate Mongodb backups, for offline storage?

So, I’m almost finished building my first major production web app, and am wondering how to manage backups.

Weekly cold snapshot backups via my vps online admin seem ideal – but weekly downtime sounds awful for UX. Hot backups seem pointless as they cannot be trusted to not be corrupt

Perhaps I don’t need weekly snapshots – just a single one, when the server is fully set up? Of course the project/app code will be versioned in the repo.

My server runs Debian.

Is there a way to SSH in and clone the filesystem on my local machine, before encrypting with Veracrypt, before mailing it off-site?

I suppose I don’t need to backup the entire fs on a daily basis, but definitely Mongodb.

What’s the easiest way to automate a mongodb backup?

Thanks for reading :]