What software and Windows backup strategy do you use?

Use Windows 10 FileHistory to perform backups per hour on four hard drives that run in storage spaces (something like raid, but UN HECK MUCH better … actually WORKS for several years and several computers, if necessary , Without fail) . I have the hard drives in the ProBox 4 bay box. The file history makes a backup of everything, including my OneDrive files (you never know when you can smoke a unit).

Once a month I copy all the files (included onedrive) to the hard disks that I spin at work and one in the car. Hard drives are blocked with bitlocker. My most important files are zipped / password placed and loaded onedrive once every two months. I know that onedrive is not a true backup … it is part of my recovery plan.

Twice a year (sometimes more, sometimes less) I'll leave a backup unit about 500 miles from my parents' house … I've been doing it since the late 1990s. Normally old records have that duty.

It seems a lot but it is automated, for the most part. I have to connect the hard drive to my computer for the backup, but that's fine.

Oh, I also have a "backup" laptop with copies of my desktop computer … it's an old language. I have to turn on the laptop to synchronize … I use goodsync to keep that backup. I also use goodsync to back up my main laptop, which is like a backup, but it is on all the time.

However, the FileHistory and Storage spaces are a lifesaver … although, I only needed one time to recover a file from a previous year … it was great that it worked and that the file was there. If I had not been able to get the file, there was not a big loss … nothing important. It was nice though

I tried using a nas but that did not work … I could not move my current backups. Damn thing locked up and I finally sent it away. In addition, it was something more than administering, what I did not want (I know, they are not a lot of work, but shortly after I had mine, there were small problems to attend to).

All this changes … if I am developing or creating something important, I will make backup copies more frequently and maybe I will upload the backup job to several platforms in the cloud automatically using goodsync.

The point is that if everything goes up in the house, I'll have backups in separate locations. You never know when the floods or whatever will erase your home.