What is your opinion about President Donald Trump?

Undoubtedly, Trump is the most underestimated man in the history of mankind. Since the Democrats see him as incompetent, stupid and criminal, they believe he must have cheated to be elected. There are enough Republicans (never Trumpers) who would prefer that Hillary be elected to make the majority of Trump in the Senate problematic. The Washington bureaucracy sees Trump as an existential threat. Their promise to "drain the swamp" terrifies them. Trump is appointing conservative judges of the Supreme Court. This is another existential threat to the left.

In general, Trump is 180 degrees away from all other presidents in the history of the United States. He is not a politician or a member of the armed forces. Trump will never think, act, speak or negotiate like a politician. Frankly, the vast majority of politicians are usually ineffective because they fear displeasing their voters. They have become an action of laughter.

Despite all that, Trump is winning on almost every front. It is absolutely impressive.

So, let me explain to Donald Trump. As CEO of America, he wants 2 things for America. He wants the government to do its job and wants the United States to make a profit. It's that easy. This is the message heard by Trump supporters. In his rallies he talks to the seats with nosebleeds. Talk about prosperity, jobs, the rule of law, strength, equality of opportunity, justice. When he is attacked, by the values ​​that Trump shares with the Americans (he flies over), he defends them. That's why his supporters love him. He is your champion. They feel honored when the swamp creatures use "deplorable" as pejorative.