What is the cause of this very gray film base?

About a year ago, I received some expired films, among which this Kodak Tri-X 400 roll expired in 2013. The film was shipped from the US. USA To Europe. I kept the film in my freezer until I filmed it last week, but it doesn't appear to have cooled in the United States. According to the general rule, I exposed for the film at 2/3 under the speed of the box, then ISO 250.

I consider myself competent enough in home development and have had no serious issues before, so I was surprised to see the film come out of the tank with a thick gray base color. I am aware that the expired movie was tarnished after a considerable time, but I have never seen anything as strong as this and I did not expect the movie to be in such a poor state after only 7 years, especially since I am still filming movies from 1985 he is in much better shape.

So my question: what is the cause of this gray base color? Is it tarnishing or is there something else at stake here?

For good measure, I have also included side by side with Catlabs X 80, which was developed in the same batch of chemicals just a few days earlier:
Rodinal (Adonal)
Adox Stopper and Fixer

enter the image description here
enter the image description here