What is the best affiliate program you have joined?

That's a great question.
I have recently joined three affiliate marketing businesses. Your information and help are impressive, which allows me to create slowly but surely the income I want.

Here are my 3 businesses so far:

1. Enhance the network: most likely you have heard about it, since it is practically everywhere. It's a great product that gives you your own blog platform for only $ 25 a month.
It's really great for a newbie like me, it offers you a highly optimized blog with excellent tools on how to create a suitable publication.

2. Pure Leverage- PL is a new product that was launched earlier this year. It is a new automatic response service that is configured to compete with aweber. It has exceptionally good marketing materials and advice.
The product not only offers an automatic response service, but also a:
email service
– Videoconference service.

The cost is around $ 25 / month also to use the service, but to become a reseller, you also pay $ 19.97 / month.

3. My Fun Life: is a new application company that plans to launch 10 new applications in the next 5 to 10 years.
Your first application / website is a travel application. Actually it is a very solid idea.
You can book flights, rent cheap condos and get discount travel deals, such as cruises or all-inclusive vacations, etc.
The cost is the cheapest so far $ 21 / month and that's it.

You can build your customer base with all these products. It's great to be fair but you have to work hard.
An Internet business is a real business, not an easy money scheme invented.
I hope this helps.

"Stay busy living … or busy dying"