What is an In-page action? Please help me!

It’s hard to tell without some more context, but in a general sense, I would assume an in-page action to be any action the user can perform on a given page, without navigating to a new page.

Sometimes this is clear cut, but it’s less clear when dealing with interactions such as launching a modal window or similar actions on a complex SPA.

Exactly what could constitute an in-page action would depend on the specific page and exactly what your particular criteria are. Examples might include:

  • Clicking on a button
  • Entering data into a form
  • Hovering over something without interacting
  • Playing a video, stopping a video, rewinding a video (examples here to indicate that the level of granularity is dependent on use case)

There isn’t really a canonical answer for what an in-page action is, they are often defined by your business and what it needs/wants to track in terms of actions.