What is a master control list with respect to IP address assignments?

Can someone explain to me what a master control list is with respect to IP address assignments?

Would this be a list of what computers / users are "masters" (and therefore have different access levels) or is this a list of all IP addresses currently assigned? If this is the last thing, is a list of assigned IP addresses, is it currently assigned or is it also historical, making it more like a registry?

Below is a link that uses this in a context similar to the one I am trying to understand. I do not think anyone I ask seems to know this more than I do. Although it is not exactly the same context, I think the reference to record retention on page 67 that mentions the "Master List of control of Internet Protocol (IP) address assignments" is the same context in which I am using this term now. All the other searches I've done seem to show things that are not what I'm looking for.

IT Network – Design and build records that document the design and
construction of the information technology network of the agency. It includes,
but it is not limited to:

  • Network diagrams and construction guides;
  • Main control list of Internet Protocol (IP) address assignments;
  • Addresses and passwords of the Uniform Resource Locator (URL).