What good, reliable and simple body camera straps are there?

For a simple camera strap, I like the Couch guitar straps. In particular, their safety belts recycled.

The seat belt material is nice, fairly light and flexible, but it seems strong enough. It slides easily over your shoulder while lifting the camera. Because it is quite wide, it helps to extend the weight of the camera on your shoulder. The length can be adjusted, so it is long enough to carry it through your body, in the style of the messenger bag.

The accessories for the camera are quite thick, it seems that they should last for a while. Personally, I use it with Peak Design Anchor Links, make it easier and quicker to remove the strap or change to another strap as needed. But you can use the regular attachments if you want.

Couch straps are available in a variety of colors, so you can get something shiny, or more subtle if you prefer. They also have some pretty designs of hippie fabric & # 39 ;. All Couch straps are vegan, with no leather parts.