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If you want Norton Antivirus for your system, you can simply subscribe to Norton AntiVirus basic. It comes with all the features with a reasonable price. Norton provides automatic silent updates to ensure that you are not interrupted. It also provides so many options to update your product for a perfect protection experience.

norton.com/setup- Norton Antivirus provides security of all types of malware to your system. What can you do if you discover that your Norton Antivirus is not opening? You must be very uncomfortable with this. You do not need to worry at all. In this article, we are trying to solve your problem in the simplest way. You can use the steps given to solve your problem.

Steps to install and start RemoveSymentacMacFiles on your PC – norton.com/setup

If you find it difficult to start Norton Antivirus even after installing it on your computer, you are in the right place. The first thing you should do is simply download RemoveSymentacMacFiles on your computer. Follow the steps:

• You simply need to open your web browser on your computer.
• Then, you must go to support.symantec.com from the browser.
• Now, download the RemoveSymentacMacFiles.zip file from the particular page.
• In the following steps, you must open 'Doc' from the desktop of your Mac.
• Then, you must click on the "Finder" option in the Doc folder.
• Once you open the browser, go to the menu bar in the same window.
• Also, click on the "Go" option and then click on the "Downloads" folder.
• The download folder will open where the 'RemoveSymentacMacFiles.zip' is saved.

What are the steps to start the process? Norton.com/setup

Once you have downloaded it to your Mac, you should now follow the steps given to start the process of removing Norton files. Follow the steps accordingly:

• First of all, you need to take care of the things given if:
• You have downloaded the file with Google Chrome, and then you must double-click the file & # 39; RemoveSymentacMacFiles.zip & # 39 ;.
• Again, you must click on the RemoveSymentacMacFiles folder to open it.
• If your browser is Safari, you can open the RemoveSymentacMacFiles folder by double-clicking on it.
• Once you open the RemoveSymentacMacFiles folder, you can now click on the 'RemoveSymantecMacFiles.command' file.
• Then, you must click on "Open with" to proceed to the next step.
• In the next step, select the option 'Terminal (default)'.
• To run this application on your PC, you must make sure you have opened your PC with an administrator account.
• In addition, you must click on "Open" if you find a pop-up window that shows "This tool is from an unidentified developer".
• In the next step, you must enter your administrative password and press 'return' in the 'Terminal' window.
• Here, you can enter 1, if you want to delete all Symantec files and folders from your PC.
• You can also type 2 if you do not want to delete any files and exit the process.
• Finally, you must press the "return" option.
• However, it will take some time to complete the process.
• Once the process is finished, you must go to the "Terminal" window and type "Y" and then press return to restart the computer.

Once you have finished this process, you can now install Norton Antivirus. We are confident that you will not face any problem in doing this. In case you still have problems, visit Norton Support.

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Norton Support provides assistance 24 * 7 to resolve your query. Just call our toll-free number to solve your technical problems. We also provide assistance to solve another antivirus problem. Go ahead and make a call to get in touch.