What do I need to make a Pentax M lens work with Canon DSLR?

I have been given a 50mm Pentax-M 1: 2 SMC lens with Ashai Optical Co as a manufacturer. I have an adapter that allows me to connect the lens to a Canon 1200D.
I also have a Canon 700D and the adapter fits but the camera does not work.
Is there an adapter that allows me to use the Pentax lens on a Canon 700D camera?

There is not a "lensless release" option I can find and I'm not doing anything different when I add the adapter to any of the cameras. When I add it to the 700d and turn it on, it says that I need to update the lens drivers when I select OK, it says the drivers are on an SD card, but I do not have an SD card with drivers and the Canon site does not offer drivers for me. camera since it does not need drivers or updates.