What could try to kill the Google search?

I think Google is based on a lot of information available on the Internet. What is the information on the Internet that begins to become obsolete at a certain point and people simply do not need a search engine? They may replace a search engine with a product similar to Alexa, an Amazon product that automatically tells you everything about your questions.

What happens if people just do not like to write information on the Internet? Due to a certain lack of interest and at a certain point, things start to depend more on an awareness that is incorporated into an application.

I remember when people love to write a lot of information. about your blogs. Now they love vlog. The actual text form of the information is becoming an information of the media.

Personally I think that books can also be a good source of information. But it even has a limit.

It is definitely certain that Google will not disappear at any time. But the importance could be diversified to different media.

What you have your opinion, please share in response.