What are you using? WordPress, Wix or other website creator

WordPress (ORG) self-powered to the end: Wix is ​​VERY limited in many (of the most important!) Ways …

For example:

When choosing a theme for your Wix site, it is better to be 100% SURE that this topic is PRECISELY the subject you want for your site, and that you will NEVER change your mind … because if you change your mind in the future and decide that your site would be better served with a different theme (or one that you like later), it would require a complete reconstruction of the site … each point of the content: the navigation system, graphics, text, comments / answers – all – would have to be reconstructed MANUALLY on the new topic, since it does not allow you to "change the subject" per se …

The Code is proprietary, owner of HARDCORE … which means that it is not portable either … They have you for "the short and curly ones", so to speak: you can not export your site (even if it is paying), and will not work on any other server / host / platform … If one day they suddenly decide that they will increase their prices 10 times and eliminate the free plan, their options would literally be paid or lose their site and all data … (other website creators have a "proprietary" code, but not to this extent, for example, Weebly allows you to export the data from your site to migrate them to a different platform / host, and YOU can convert weebly to WP. .. And you can change the subject in weebly and in most other builders without re-creating the site)

BECAUSE the code is so aggressively proprietary, it is also EXTREMELY bloated, creating slow loading times (which is bad for visitors and BAD for SEO)

EXPENSIVE: to get rid of WIX Ads, you have to be in the plan for at least $ 8 / month. I verified it … and that's still a very limited plan … $ 8 x 12mo = $ 96 / year x 5 years = $ 480 Cost of 5 years instead of: 1 Droplet VPS Hosting With Digital Ocean $ 5 / month x 12th = $ 60 / year x 5 = $ 300 or 24-7host.com Shared accommodation $ 2.49 / month, $ 30 / year, $ 150 5 years of cost

Summary of 5 years of cost:
WiX Basic: $ 480
Digital Ocean VPS Hosting: $ 300
247-host shared hosting: $ 150

The list goes on …