What about some real benefits?


I am new to FSB, but I am NOT new to trying to earn money online. I've tried it since 2001 and I've tried many online methods. Some were complete failures and others simply did not earn enough to cover the expenses. I understand your frustration if you are new to working with servers and c-panel and databases and all that. But I can tell you that it's like learning to ride a bicycle. Once you learn it, you never forget it and you can do it while you sleep. And also, please, believe me when I say that I must have tried ALL the systems at this point and this is, by far, the easiest to configure once you have mastered it.

As for the money you can earn, you are looking at the small image. Remember, you are not selling anything. Its main objective is to get people on Amazon and get their through their affiliate link. It is attracting you with products that you hope you like, but it's not really about what's on your site. It's about what they buy from Amazon, no matter what it is. You get a commission of 4% for each item you buy. And you are right. 4% is not much. Not much at all. But once again, look at the big picture …

You can build a site that earns $ 20.00 per day. What a thing. I know. But that is not the goal here. The goal here is to launch MANY niche sites as you can put together. Actually, it only takes between 2 and 3 hours to put together a really good site. So yes, a site that makes $ 20.00 per day is nothing. But FIVE sites that earn $ 20.00 per day EVERYONE is a good thing. TEN sites earn $ 20.00 per day and you can quit your job easily. That would be $ 200.00 per day. That's $ 6,000.00 per month or $ 72,000.00 per year!

Get the idea? Do not give up so soon. Stay with that. Remember, nothing is what you get when nothing is what you do.