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We are proud to announce the latest and most powerful tool for researching winning products: AdPlexity eCommerce.

We are the first platform that can show the popularity of your product based on the amount of advertising, visualization and even purchase. Yes, this data comes from real people / buyers.

How can AdPlexity eCommerce help me? Access real-time data of more than 100 million products from 100k stores. See which products and stores are most successful based on real person / buyer data Find products quickly by specific product category, text in the title or description, price range and more. Facebook ads used to promote a product Quickly find products that meet the popular print-on-demand companies such as Customcat, Printful, WC Fulfillment, … See the price history of products from the day they were added. the latest products launched, store information (number of products, average product price, …) and more Configure alerts to receive notification if the price of the product changes or when a specific store launches new products Add products and stores in Favorites Filter everything with a powerful but easy-to-use interface

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