websphere – Is it possible to obtain a developer edition of IBM MQ that works under Windows 7?

I am trying to find IBM MQ queue manager that will install under Windows 7 and allow me to send and receive a handful of messages for the purpose of testing of my piece of code. There are development versions on IBM’s web site, but both 920 and 915 list Windows 7 as unsupported during the installation 1st step.

I googled and only found a reference to Windows 7 in the software requirements for MQ 7.0/7.1, but on SO I can see questions from some who tried to install v.9 on Windows 7. Can anyone point me at the IBM’s download page for the one that will work for me? I do not really care which version it is, as long as it works under Windows 7.

Alternatively, a Virtualbox VM image would work, but not a docker image.

I am aware of “in the cloud” option for developers, and I have it, but my development is not always occurs while connected, and I need to be able to develop while on my laptop but without an internet connection.