website promotion – SEO Rank, Why is my site invisible to Google in the search engines?

I've written a game, Penguin Slide, and I've also put it on Google Play.

It is completely invisible in both the Google Play search engine and the Google search engine. I have sent my sitemap to google.

I have tried some of the long queue searches in my description both in the Google Play Store description and on my website.

I can go through all the pages on both Google Play and the standard Google search engine using a multitude of normal searches (eg, & # 39; Penguin Slide & # 39 ;, Penguin Game & # 39;) and, Usually, there is nothing.

Just put my first and last name and then & # 39; Penguin Slide & # 39; appears in Google Search or in Google Play Search.

As for Google Play and Google Search Engine, I do not exist.

What am I doing so wrong?