Website design – Show linked entries in the data table

For the case 1) The ID of the new quota created must be 11 or 2.1? Y

As the new quota is inserted in quota 2, it should be 2.1. If it was added to the bottom of the list (for example, if it should not be paid until after payment 10), it should be 11.

(For the case 2) Any new approach or adjustment to make the current application
Transfer flow more intuitive?

Would not it be easier to do it this way?

  1. reduce the amount of the installment due (for example, if it is $ 550 and you only want to pay $ 275, reduce it to that amount)
  2. create a new quota (either as 2.1 or as 11) of $ 275.

(Both for the case 1 and the 2) Any way to get rid of the link icons and also the
The column is linked to the ID and adds something different, but it can cover that
Business needs?

I would suggest changing the name of the identification column linked to "deferred". Add a deferred indicator and, when the user clicks on that indicator, the row representing the inserted payment will be highlighted.