Website design: controls and buttons segmented on the same page

As I see it, your Segmented Controls are, essentially, the same as the Radio Buttons: A generally selected element, perhaps none selected in the first upload, but after clicking on any item, there is always exactly one selected item. A classic radio button is quite different from a classic send button (or simply "button"). There are some common alternatives that use the same behavior but a different aspect, for example, check boxes where you can mark exactly one element and all others are always disabled. The segmented controls are logically The same but fall into the designer's trap of "let's do all Look the same, "which is where you are now.

If for design reasons (for example, demanded by superiors) you can not really change to a different style "radio button type", then you have some options:

  • Size: make the segmented controls smaller, maybe 2/3 of the height of the separate buttons. That would make it more obvious that they are strips of selections instead of other buttons.

  • Color: this is often the easiest, but the most fought for designers. Many people opt for the concept of "let's use the same colors everywhere", when color can and should be useful. On the other hand, if you are designing for an audience that can include users who are color blind (and in fact, we must all do that if we design for a large public audience), then color should not be the goal. only Method: use size, type of buttons, etc. to clarify things in other ways too.

  • Style: usually something "bolder" for the independent buttons, or a scheme of some kind in the segmented Controls. But basically something to make it obvious that the types of control are different.

The biggest problem with the existing design: What if there is ONLY ONE Choice in segmented control? Then it will look exactly like normal buttons and the user will click on the segmented control and ask why nothing happens. or DO NOT click on the other buttons thinking they are all the same, and either of them just will not work well.