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In recent days I have gone through 3 web hosting companies. The red flags are a high tail signal that I should avoid / run.

Hostgator: It does not provide a way to create a support ticket other than calling or going through your live chat. In both situations, it took between 10 and 30 minutes to create a support ticket in an SQL problem (I created SQL databases but they did not appear in phpmyadmin / yes, I did the cache update / they appeared after it was corrected via ticket ). I do not want to wait 10 to 30 minutes for them to investigate or escalate something when a simple email / ticket will work.

Resellerclub: Talking to your support guy was a nightmare. He said many things to get me out of the phone, unfortunately for him, he knew otherwise and offered to scale the ticket after showing him that it was possible to change a domain name (he argued that "modify the domain name of an account is impossible" cpanel / WHM). Then he tried to cover up his story by saying he never said that and was willing to climb all the time.

HostPapa: It says "Lodging located in 5 provinces". I live in chat with a guy who said he provided accommodation in the 5 provinces, but when I called (the chat took between 5 and 6 minutes per response) the agent would not say exactly where to stay, but said there is no accommodation located. the specific location I asked about (indicates on your website). But what he did say was that he was in Canada. He said that due to security problems he could not say which province.

You would think that how easy it is to create a web hosting company, all these warning signs and a first class customer service would not be a problem. So I have to ask, what is the status of the web hosting? Has the support worsened in the last 6-10 years? I see that prices have gone up, which is good.