Web assembly games? | Promotion Forum

I have seen some pretty interesting technology demonstrations for WebAssembly, where they have little games running on the browser, so I've been thinking about launching some simple programs on my own.

Maybe, could I try to pirate one of those classic RPGs of the old days? Nothing surprising, but it could be a good way to experiment with the new platform.
If you do not know what WebAssembly is, it's basically an assembler language for the web that is potentially more optimizable than JavaScript and runs in the browser.

A good number of languages โ€‹โ€‹already have experimental ways of compiling in WebSssembly like C #, Go, Rust, C ++, etc. There are even rumors that Python could be next.
I'm a bit skeptical about how useful it really will be with web development, at least because of the huge file sizes it has now, but for games, it could be very interesting.