Warning to download themes and add-ons.

I recently downloaded a topic to test a client project. I always do that before buying a theme.

2 problems appeared:

The first was that I had to delete all the mentions of the site from where I downloaded the subject.

within the theme styles.css case file. This was easy because all the mentions were in the upper part of the file (they only replaced all the links with false ones).

The second problem was that these imbeciles had injected a redirection code that when activated (at random intervals) opened a new window of a site called



, or something like that. The solution was to open the themes folder, then the include folder and delete everything inside the functions-init.php file.

Although this was only a trial installation for me, I would like to warn all people who are here not to download and / or install themes or wp plugins from that site, to avoid these types of problems. More importantly, just do not share them here, because you do not have to fuck someone else's site.

Oh, and if you feel like it, visit your Facebook page and show your appreciation for the spread of malicious codes through their actions.

Thank you for reading….