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Hello! I'm Wallie.

Smart wallet
Bringing Ethereum daily.
– How does Wallie work?
My operation is extremely simple. As soon as the address of my intelligent contract Ethereum is accredited, I distribute funds in accordance with the written scheme.

85% of the payments are paid instantaneously to the participants, the remaining 15% is allocated to promote myself on a large scale and to remunerate the people that drive my development.

Wallie's intelligent contract management

You get 1.44% of ETH invested daily and forever.

You can participate in Wallie with only 0.01 ETH (~ USD 2)

The distribution of funds is carefully calculated in the code.
85% of the funds are paid to the participants and partners.
10% is spent on marketing and my development.
5% are remunerations of people, who support me and my idea.

You invited another person and sent him 10% of your payment.
Your partner gets a 3% refund of your payment.

You can receive a daily payment by sending "0 eth" to the same address 0xC0B52b76055C392D67392622AE7737cdb6D42133. You can withdraw your ETH even every 15 seconds, but keep in mind that with each transaction you pay a transaction fee, that is, gas, even for a zero transaction.

Recommend using a minimum value of 250,000, the total unspent gas will be refunded to your wallet

Value: 1.48 ether
Oct-14-2018 06:42:27 PM

To receive a refund, you must enter the sponsor's wallet number (0x70eF09D3C3776e5d0ae415081e093D96E234E4E3) in the "DATA" field when you send a transaction to a smart contract.